J. Wesley Leckrone: Teaching and Research

4-16-13_Widener_University_students with Senator Pileggi



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Refereed Journal Articles

“Does Anyone Care About the Poor?: The Role of Redistribution in Mayoral Policy Agendas”, with Michelle Atherton, Nicole Crossey,  Andrea Stickley and Meghan Rubado, State and Local Government Review  47:4 (December 2015): 240-254.

“Federalism and the Pennsylvania Legislature: Partisanship and Intergovernmental Priorities”, with Justin Gollob, Commonwealth: A Journal of Political Science 16:1 (September 2013): 21-40.

“Hippies, Feminists and NeoCons: Using the Big Lebowski to Find the Political in the Non-Political”, PS: Political Science & Politics 46:1 (January 2013): 129-136.

“The Effectiveness of Intergovernmental Lobbying Mechanisms in the American Federal System”, with Justin Gollob, Régionalisme & Fédéralisme / Regionalism & Federalism 12: 2012.

“Telegrams to Washington: Using Memorials to Congress as a Measure of State Attention to the Federal Policy Agenda”, with JustinGollob, State and Local Government Review, 42:3 (Fall 2010): 235-245.

“The Pennsylvania Policy Database Project: A Model for Comparative Analysis”, with Joseph McLaughlin, Paul Wolfgang, Justin Gollob, Jason Bossie, Jay Jennings and Michelle Atherton, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 10:3 (Fall 2010): 320-336.

“Hardball: Local Government’s Foray Into Sports Franchise Ownership”, with Joseph Wm. Meder, Journal of Urban Affairs, 24:3 (Fall 2002), 353-368.

“Intergovernmental Lobbying for the Passage of TEA-21” with Joseph R. Marbach, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 32:1 (Winter 2002), 45-64.

Book Chapters

“Federalism, American Public Policy, and the Roberts Court”, in Ives Gandra  da Silva Martins, Carlos Valder do Nascimento and Dirceo Torrecillas Ramos, editors, Studies in Contemporary Constitutional Law, Ilheus-Bahia, Brazil: Editora da UESC, 2014.

“American Federalism in Practice: Intergovernmental Cooperative Tension”, in Dirceo Torrecillas Ramos, editor, The Current Federalist  – A Theory of Federalism, Brazil: Arraes Publishers Limited, 2013.

“The United States Senate”, in Joerg Luther, Paolo Passaglia and Rolando Tarachi, editors,  A World of Second Chambers, Turin, Italy: Centre for Studies on Federalism, Fall 2006.


POLS 101: American Government and Politics

POLS 201: American State and Local Government

POLS 205: Public Policy

POLS 207: Power and Influence: Interest Groups in American Politics

POLS 215: Environmental Politics and Policy

POLS 288: The (Dis)United States: Conflict and Consensus in American Politics

POLS 288: The Politics and Policy of Higher Education Costs (Honors)

POLS 313: The American Presidency

POLS 314: Congress

POLS 320: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

POLS 394: Political Science Practicum

POLS 410/411: Senior Research

PA 503: Public Policy Analysis

PA 630: Urban Management and Politics

PA 650: Legislative Policy and Process

PA 694: Public Administration Internship


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