Citizens United Decision Divides GOP with Votes for Herman Cain/Stephen Colbert in SC Primary?

By Hannah Steinke

Widener University Political Science Major

The GOP is no longer in love with the Citizens United decision? Yep, now that corporations, Stephen Colbert, and anyone else with money can establish their own super PACs, they can now control campaign messages, dividing the Republican Party with increased mud slinging. As liberals continue to mourn the US Supreme Court decision, and Republican candidates seek  PAC money, Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain laugh.

For months, Colbert has flaunted his super PAC and its money on his show, praising the Citizens United decision for legalizing the easily organized ‘speech money.’ He and his attorney Trevor Potter, who once served on the FCC, continue to mock the new law through dramatic, yet simple conversations explaining his PAC’s formation and progress to the audience.

Last week, Colbert decided to take his circus a few steps further, and run for president in South Carolina, his home state. However, he is running with Herman Cain – using him as his proxy – as it is too late to add Stephen’s name to the ballot (click for ad). As directed by his attorney, he transferred control of his super PAC, Citizens for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow, to colleague John Stewart via holding hands with Stewart until the green glow of the PAC’s money power completely made its way into Stewart’s body.

By the end of the weekend Stewart’s PAC, newly renamed Defiantly Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC, had released its first ad, slinging mud with the best of them in hopes of dissuading votes from Stephen’s least favorite candidate, Mitt Romney (click for ad). Since then, a few more ads have been released, finally featuring the super PAC creator himself, who is now in ultimate control as a candidate working to steal votes from actual candidates.

The genius of the Colbert Report’s super PAC/candidate creation and success is not only entertainment, but also its educational value. Weekly, Colbert reveals the most news worthy 2012 campaign and super PAC developments in the form of satire, enabling young viewers to follow and participate in the American political process.


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