Could Ron Paul Win the General Election for Obama?

By Craig Ricks

Widener University Student

Last week in his post-debate speech, Ron Paul commented on how the media and political pundits describe his campaign as dangerous.  “We are dangerous to the status quo of this country,” were his exact words, followed by chants of “President Paul” from the crowd.  However, with candidates dropping like flies, it could only be a matter of weeks until Paul also steps down.  But his campaign could still remain dangerous, only to the Republican Party rather than the status quo.  In fact, his Presidential aspirations just may continue the status quo for another four years.

Between now and Super Tuesday, which is March 6th, it is very possible that Mitt Romney will have won enough primaries to lock up the Republican nomination.  However, many Republican voters who are fed up with the establishment may not be willing to vote for Romney in November.  Does this mean their votes go to President Obama? Absolutely not.  The moment Ron Paul becomes dangerous is when he splits himself from the establishment and runs as a third party candidate, most likely the Libertarian Party.  It happened back in the 1988 Presidential election.  In that election, he received a miniscule 0.47% of the vote.  This time around, however, he would almost certainly receive a much higher percentage of the vote.  Those votes wouldn’t be coming from the left side of the aisle, and that is what is dangerous for Republicans.  Many of those dissatisfied Republicans would vote for Paul in November, taking votes almost exclusively away from Romney.  This could spell the end to a red victory and ensure another four years for President Obama and the “status quo.”


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