Worse than the Horserace

by Hope Dean

Widener University Political Science Major

With the public at large growing more disillusioned with Presidential races and the lack of policies talked about in the political sphere it is a wonder that anyone pays attention at all. The foundation for campaigns and electoral goals should be policies and what candidates explicitly plan to do once in office. However, this has not been the case as the media has focused on what is known as the ‘horserace’. News channels and reporters talk about polls and negative ads in an attempt to spark interest in an otherwise dull process for the majority of the public. This has become the norm and despite my disinterest in the horse race I find it to be much better than an alternative I recently found: “Candidate’s Playlist”.

On Friday February 10th, CNN’s question of the day during the lunch hour was: ‘What is on the candidates playlist?’. The news casters did not just spend a few minutes on a passing fancy. No, instead they repeatedly brought up the question of the day as to what might be on the candidate’s playlist. I personally cannot understand the justification for airing something so insignificant to the presidential race and to politics in general. Where do we go from here?


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