ObamaCare, the Supreme Court & Partisanship

by Michael Acciavatti
Widener University Political Science Major
This week is a historical week in our nation’s history. This week the Supreme Court is hearing a case about the not so recently passed health insurance bill. There are several facets to the argument but as the Supreme Court does, they will be judging the constitutionality of it. President Obama spent his entire first year in office striving to get this passed and with a little deal making he finally did get this passed. From the start the constitutionality of certain parts of the bill came into question. The real issue is the individual mandate. This is essentially the federal government forcing people to buy a product in this case health insurance. The Republicans and Democrats each obviously have conflicting views about what to do. Most Republicans feel this is a violation of the people’s constitutional rights, they believe that the federal government cannot put their hands into people lives and force them to buy a product. Some people do not even  wish to buy health insurance considering that they are young and healthy and that theres no way they will get seriously ill anytime soon. This is a major conflict because with the passing of the bill we see that the government is clearly condemning people for choosing and having a free will. The Supreme Court will hear this case for 5 hours which is 5 times longer than they usually hear a case for, but because of the high profile of this case it is understandable. This is why it is historic and will be a historic judgment no matter what.

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