The Latest Focus of the Horserace: Romney’s “Veepstakes”

Maggie Haberman of Politico has a story today handicapping Governor Mitt Romney’s “veepstakes”. Hope Dean and Anna Miller mused on the same topic this week and their thoughts are listed below.

Who will the VP be?

by Hope Dean

Widener University Political Science Major

After Mitt Romney’s wins over Rick Santorum in Maryland, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia he has made statements that indicate that the primary election is already over for him and he has moved on to Obama and the general election. With a current count of 26% of the delegates Romney beats out his closest competitor Rick Santorum who only has 11.5% of the delegates. Of course there are still many states and delegates up for grabs but with the winner-take-all system of delegate distribution throughout the month of April it seems unlikely that any of Romney’s competitors will overtake him.

It is almost certain than that Romney will be running against Obama in the general election this year. Does this mean that it is time to change our channels to Dancing with the Stars? No. Even if it is certain that Romney will be running against Obama there is still so much left to surprise us from now until the conventions.

Who will be Romney’s vice presidential pick be? Jeb Bush has supported him but with the current dislike of the Bushes after his brother’s presidency it would be a potential suicide attempt to have Jeb run for the vice presidential ticket. Another star shining on Romney’s stage is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida who has a good Hispanic following and can even speak Spanish. However, the governor seems unwilling to take the national stage. Who then will be Romney’s second in command? Who he picks can alter the course of his general election campaign as was seen in 2008 when McCain choose Palin and there was such backlash. Only time will tell who will come forth as the vice presidential nomination.

My Favorite Primary Moment

by Anna Miller

Widener University Student

I am quite aware that the Florida primary debate occurred over two months ago, but for some reason there is one key moment in this debate that I continuously bring up when I speak to people about what has stood out to me during the primary elections thus far.  Before I mention this particular moment I want to iterate that I do not intend to show any partiality toward one candidate.  I just want to express a way of thinking that I appreciate.

At the Florida debate the executive director of the Hispanic Leadership Network asked each candidate which Hispanic leaders might be asked to be a part of their cabinet.  Everyone knows that issues surrounding the Hispanic population were a hot topic in Florida this January.  Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich all went off listing Hispanics that they would consider including in their cabinet, not failing to mention, of course, Marco Rubio.  When it was Ron Paul’s turn to answer, he stated that he would not base his choice of cabinet members by their ethnicity, but, instead, by their qualifications.

I thought that this was a brilliant answer.  I think that candidates are oftentimes so concerned with being politically correct and saying things that they believe will get them the votes that they need.  I’m not saying Ron Paul never does this, but in this one instance he showed wisdom and the need to put all other things aside to do what he needs to do in order to run the country most effectively.


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