Mitt Romney Character Analysis

by John MacIntyre

Widener University Political Science Major

Editor’s Note: In the following series of posts students will discuss Mitt Romney’s leadership qualities based on Fred Greenstein’s The Presidential Difference: Leadership Style from FDR to Barack Obama.

Public Communication: As a public communicator Romney is adequate at expressing himself and debating others.  However, Romney is not able to communicate with younger generation and often comes across fake or insincere to his audience.  Romney is often criticized for his “stiffness” or “dorky” persona that turns many voters off from him.  This may be an unfair circumstance but a natural reaction to the human instincts of voters.

Organizational Capacity: Throughout his campaign Mitt Romney has proclaimed his success as a business man; which no one can argue.  Consequently, I would imagine that Romney possesses the skills necessary to organize an administration very effectively, and conduct task management to subordinates.

Political Skill: Once again I would imagine Mitt Romney possesses the necessary skills to develop a structured political organization within the executive branch.  Furthermore, Romney has managed many different situations within the business world.

Vision: One major downfall of Mitt Romney is that he flip-flops on issues in politics.  Romney has been severely criticized for taking the side on the more favorable side of the issue that will benefit him at the moment.  Romney like so many Presidents before him does not have a clear precise vision on what he wants his administration to accomplish in benefit of the American people. 

Cognitive Style: Romney is a very intelligent person and a morally upstanding person with a family and a strong religious background.  That being said Romney is considered to be out of touch with two major communities in the voting world: the working class, and the poor.  Romney often makes analogies to his life style as a wealthy man that comes across to the poor communities which affects his message.

Emotional intelligence: Many Presidents are chastised for their letting their emotions get the best of them.  Romney on the other hand is lack luster in the emotional department.  A tip for Romney would be to have some fire in his belly and create some controversy about his emotions for American politics rather than the constant gaffes he has been well known for in recent news.


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