Undecided Voters

by Erica Sharp
Widener University American Government Student

Candidates are putting in a lot of time, focus and money on the undecided voters in the upcoming election even though they make up about 2% of this nations voting population. Even within this small percentage the parties are sending all of their attention to the eight states that are still not solidly leaning one way or the other.

Attack ads have been the norm throughout the current election cycle. Whether through the television, radio, newspapers, or ads in general, the undecided voters will always be able to hear about the worst of the worst of both candidates. It seems these ads could be put to better use if used to talk about the good the candidate will do if elected. Instead a large amount of money is used to bash their competitor to make them seen unfit to be president.

Tens of millions of dollars are being spent on these voters. The money might go to better use by just dividing it all up and giving it to the undecided voter directly. Instead both parties are force-feeding these people all the bad about the other contender instead of making themselves seem more appealing to vote for.

From interviews with undecided voters we have found out that some may just not vote at all. After hearing all the slander about both contenders, these voters feel that neither candidate is worthy of their vote, so they might just not give one at all. So it seems in the end undecided voters aren’t really a make or break in deciding whom our next president will be, instead we have just continued to waste more money in the race to the White House.


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