What is Congress Anymore?

by Andrea Stickley
Widener University Political Science Major
When our forefathers came up with notion of how to run America, they decided upon the three branches of government to divide the power so no one would become to dominant. They implemented a few checks and balances in hopes that it would keep everything running smoothly. Fast forward to 2013 and what do you have: a disaster. Nothing is going America’s way. We have economic problems, gun violence issues, drug conflicts, and an intrusion into people’s personal lives. Somehow, I don’t think this is what our forefathers had planned on happening. So who’s to blame? What’s the cause? And, is there anyway to solve our problems?
This semester we delve into the production of the legislative branch of our government: Congress. Enter in two houses made up of (what are presumed to be) intelligent humans that represent the rest of the American population. These Senators and Representatives are supposed to be acting on behalf of their constituents. On the table right now in Congress are three hot topics: gun control, gay marriage, and marijuana. Voting on legislation about these topics is supposed to be based upon what the people want, therefore, one would assume that majority would win. However, in this day and age, wheeling and dealing has come into play. No longer are the votes for bills straightforward and based upon what the people want. It’s now about what congressmen can make the best deal.
As the 113th Congress begins its session and starts deliberating on these issues, the question arises of whether they are going to listen to the people, their party’s stances on issues, or the deals that they can make with others?
We are….the people.

One thought on “What is Congress Anymore?

  1. Government is a subject that will always have flaws. It is impossible to run society in a perfect form. As of our government, dividing the “work” may or may not be helping them get things done. I don’t know what it would fall under, but I think something to do with financial problems is also a huge topic. We keep falling farther and farther in dept. At this point, there isn’t much we can do anymore. I do agree with the idea of the government not really listening to the people, if I understood that correctly. They are forgetting that they are trying to “benefit” the people. If the “majority” of people want something, they should probably go with what most people want. In their defense, however, in this day and age, what someone thinks is a good idea, will probably be different in coming years.

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