Intervene or Turn Inward?

by Valair Porter
Widener University Political Science Major
Our economy has suffered from the spending during George Bush’s costly wars and the expansion of the war on terrorism under President Barack Obama. The Republican party is divided on what steps to take on foreign policy. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky thinks it is time to turn inward. This thought questions the approach that reached its fullest expression after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and signals a willingness¬† to pare back the military budget that made it all possible. This thought threatens the two major foreign policy factions within the GOP: the internationalists who held sway under President Georgr Bush Senior and the neoconservatives who led the country to costly wars under George W. Bush.
“Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida and a possible presidential candidate in 2016, expressed concern about a return to isolationism.” I understand that the U.S. can not solve every problem abroad but the country has become s0 involved in the world that it can not suddenly switch gears. That way of thinking did not help in the first two World Wars. In order for our country and other countries to grow and tolerate each other we must be open to one another. Any country that turns inward risks depriving themselves and turning into another North Korea. Turning inward would do more harm than good for our country.

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