3 thoughts on “Meet Philadelphia’s Biggest Source of Pollution

  1. I think it is a great step forward to say that the city of Philadelphia will finally be having a conversation to address the issues going on with local residents from the PES Refinery but when will it actually happen? The EPA labeled the PES Refinery a “high-priority violator” dating back almost 6 years and have also not complied with neither the Clean Air or Water Act. There are members of local neighborhoods suffering from numerous health problems that lead directly back to the emissions from the PES Refinery. If they are unable to address the needs of the local members in the community then I feel they should give them a safer place to live instead of keeping their families health at risk for until the conversation is held which does not guarantee that anything will even be done.

  2. Philadelphia is one of the busiest cities in America and because of this I knew that we were drastically impacting the environment in a negative way. Philadelphia Energy Solutions is one of the worst pollutants on the East Coast and is responsible for 16% of the cities carbon footprint. PES is effecting those who live in the near by neighborhood drastically and is causing health problems for those in the area. Children are getting sick and those who live near PES have a higher chance of having issues related to breathing such as asthma. PES has done nothing to prevent the problem so citizens have to join together and fight for their own health. Those who live near the plant are not even capable of having their windows open during the day because sulfur and other harmful toxins make it difficult to breathe inside of their own homes. People effected by this are taking action but they need the governments help. PES is not currently responsible for those effected by the toxins but citizens who have to suffer living near the plant are hopeful that the government will implement regulations to decrease the harmful pollutants.

  3. I believe we should take care of our air because not only does it affect our environment, but it effects our communities. They stated that the oil refinery is one of Philadelphia’s single largest stationary source of particulate pollution. This is can cause a rise of respiratory diseases and lung problems amongst citizens. An average person inhales about 14,00 liters of air every day, and the presence of contaminants in this air can adversely affect a person’s health. Pollutants can also settle out of the air and onto land and water bodies. There is about 1,526,006 people living in Philadelphia, about 32,761 children in Philadelphia have asthma, and about 117,594 adults have asthma. We need to stop adding pollutants to the city and find ways to make it a healthier environment, or we will see the impacts on the long run. With the help of research from the Philadelphia Clean Air Council, the city can make a change to protect our air.

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