New Bill Supports 100% Renewables for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Environmental Digest Blog reports that a new bipartisan bill introduced in both houses of the state legislature seeks to create a plan to make the Commonwealth reliant on 100% renewable power by 2050. Here’s more information on this bill sponsored by Rep. Chris Robb and Senator Charles McIlhinney:


2 thoughts on “New Bill Supports 100% Renewables for Pennsylvania

  1. This is something that Pennsylvania that definitely needs. Creating a timeline for renewable energy gives the economy time to adapt, and jobs to be replaced. PA is one of the biggest polluters in the country, and this proposal shows that they’re willing to change that. Other states and countries have taken similar steps. In France, they plan on replacing all gasoline powered cars by 2040. California has implemented a similar timeline. While other states will need to jump on board with this to create a meaningful impact, hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.

  2. Does this bill set a deadline for PA to start enacting the changes, or does it only say that PA has to come up with a guideline? Also, I am concerned that this bill would greatly impact the economy in PA. I’m all for green energy but wouldn’t this put thousands of PA’ers out of business? Gas stations, coal mines, and plenty of other businesses would die and greatly affect the economy if the switch is made too fast.

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