Universities & COVID

by Danielle Campbell

With going back to school, many colleges had to face corona virus face to face. Many schools limited their on campus housing, some shut down their schools completely. Others, allowed everything to return to normal. NYU, New York University was one of the colleges who allowed their students to return to campus normally. They have policies to keep mask on at all times but aren’t enforcing them. As big gathers keep happening and parties keep popping up. Many kids keep contracting COVID-19 causing dorms to be shut down in an effort to control the virus and quarantine the residences in that building. On September 13th a party was held were 4 freshmen from the same dorm attended and came in contact with the corona virus. The building was put on mandatory lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. This wouldn’t be so bad if NYU was prepared for this event. In late August, two NYU students exposed the college by showing the meals they receive during quarantine. Some only received a granola bar while others received moldy apples or meals 3 hours late. The university isn’t following student’s food preferences and ignoring their pleads to do so. For example, the university is giving pork and various meats to people who can’t consume them due to religious beliefs or dietary restrictions.  The following link is examples of how bad these conditions are in these locked down dorms in NYU. Many students are fighting for a tuition refund as it cost 53,000 to attend a year.

Blog link : https://www.fox5ny.com/news/new-york-university-dorm-locked-down-due-to-coronavirus-cases

Food examples: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8651105/NYU-students-quarantining-ahead-classes-complain-lackluster-meals.html


8 thoughts on “Universities & COVID

  1. I think this is crazy that NYU is getting away with this. They are putting everyone there in risk of getting the virus. I think they should get shut down and have to do online classes. Also the kids are in quarantine who aren’t getting the right meals or getting meal hours late is ridiculously. That is absolutely not right at all.

  2. That’s really shocking to hear about NYU. It kind of goes against all the restrictions the Governor of NY put in place when it was peak COVID. I feel bad for the people who follow the rules and want to be there because of people who want to party together and not follow the rules. I know this is a situation we all weren’t really ready for but it is totally wrong that they are letting people go hungry by serving meals late or meals that can’t even be eaten. They should give a deduction to tuition because it is not the full college experience and its a private university.

  3. I was surprised to hear this about NYU. The fact that they let all the students back to a school that’s in a place like New York City. For a place with that high of a population density the virus would spread like crazy. They should have seen this coming and been prepared for it. If I was an NYU student I would be outraged by the way they are being treated.

  4. I think that it is awful that NYU isn’t enforcing some of the coronavirus procedures. We are obviously seeing how greatly colleges are affected by COVID. I am really surprised that a new York college isn’t taking this seriously because New York was hit so hard in the early stages of COVID. Also, it is just awful that the University isn’t respecting the religious beliefs of some people by giving them foods against their religions. Other colleges are able to respect religious beliefs , considering the amount of money they spend for tuition they should be getting better treatment than this.

  5. Very surprising to hear this happened at NYU. A prestigious school such as their own should be setting the standard not as an example of what not to do. It’s also crazy to me that so many have written this virus off as not a big deal or even a hoax. Even if it’s not deadly to yourself, you should still be aware that you get it and give it to someone that would experience it much differently.

  6. I am not surprised to know about this harsh and disgraceful treatment of NYU to its students, after all NYC is the kingdom of dictator De-Balsio, who is literary destroying the whole city. Students there should be persistent in their demands to be refunded. It so sad and unfortunate that the chaos and mismanagement that De-Blasio put on NYC has reached every wherein NYC even the universities.

  7. It comes with no surprise to hear that a major university such as NYU is dealing with Covid in this manner. I understand the need to contain the spread of the virus is a priority however you would think that a university as expensive as that would provide adequate meals for their students.

  8. It does not surprise me that a major university is dealing with a high amount of covid cases. NYU let their students return to normal, but with students returning comes college parties which is ultimately uncontrollable in college. I think they should be shut down like a lot of other schools and resort to online schooling. With NYU being a very high academic school it does surprise me that they allowed all students to come back.

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