NJ Transit Has a New Mobile App

by Cameron Carney  

            New Jersey Transit is the third largest public transit system in U.S. The NJ state government added a mobile app that can be downloaded through the agency’s travel app. This app is designed to show customers the upcoming train and bus schedule and how full it is. One will be able to tell the capacity of the train or bus by a small light indicating green (light ridership), yellow (medium) or red (heavy). The state says that each bus or train will be automatically updated to show accurate ridership. This feature was added on September 14, 2020 in efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. This feature helps customers make informed decisions on their travel plans. I believe this app can be successful in reducing congestion and the spread of COVID-19 if those who choose to participant in the app use it properly and for the better good of everyone.  https://statescoop.com/nj-transit-tests-crowdsourcing-feature-to-reduce-rail-and-bus-congestion/


4 thoughts on “NJ Transit Has a New Mobile App

  1. I think that this is very interesting topic to wright a blog about. I think that this NJ transit app is a great idea, and I believe it will be a very effective way of making things better for COVID guidelines. I like how the app will show green, yellow, and red for the capacity of people on the train. Septa has an app like this, but it is not nearly as complex. It only shows when the bus, train, and subway is coming. I hope to see this app for PA soon.

  2. I think this app will be very helpful to help avoid big clusters of people in one area at a specific time. People will be able to to see the capacity of each train to help avoid being around a lot of people which could spread the virus. Apps like these should be able for all states across the country to help follow the guidelines that were put in place due to the pandemic and help stop the spread of the virus. Certain situations could affect your traveling time so its always good to know in advance so this app will help comply with that problem.

  3. I think that this app is very beneficial to customers who use the NJ transit as it allows for safer rides among people to limit the amounts of passengers riding on specific mode of transportation. It is a very smart move to help lessen the spread of the current virus.

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