North Korea WMD

by Gregory Grossman

Widener University Political Science Major

North Korea has launched another rocket with hopes to further their nuclear missile program. The United States, who has taken no concrete formal action against North Korea, is at the point where they must make a decision. China, one of North Korea’s closest “friends” in the region is also growing increasingly unhappy with their unpredictable neighbor continuing its tests amongst international protest. If North Korea possessed a missile that could reach North America it would be a direct threat against the United States.

With stringent party lines drawn in our Senate, we must come together now in order to stop North Korea from doing something that could be horrendously destructive. Nuclear experts say that the United States must engage in political relations with North Korea before it is too late and they possess a weapon of mass destruction that can devastate the continental United States. Unlike the fiscal cliff, or immigration, North Korea poses a threat to the safety of our citizens, and must be dealt with by bi-partisanship and selflessness in order to ensure our safety; North Korea is not the place to continue voting on party lines.