Tug of War

by Matthew Dugan
Widener University Political Science Major
The current fiscal fight in Congress between the Democrats and the Republicans is adding further evidence to the widely held opinion that congress in incapable of agreeing on anything. The same fight that happens every year is being played out once again, Democrats want tax increases while the Republicans want to cut social programs. In the end there will be some sort of agreement made where nobody is happy, with the possibility of a government shut down happening first. Compromise is an ugly word in politics and officials on both sides will stand their ground without trying to reach any sort of actual agreement. They will stand on their side until they are blue in the face like a child who cant get his way. This is one of America’s largest frustrations with congress, in my opinion. They want to do what they feel is right for the country, I’m willing to grant them that and I have respect for them, but they are not helping us by shoving their finger’s in their ears going “blah blah blah” while the other side shouts their opinion. 
The only way to stop this cycle is to have politicians act like the mature and civil adults they are and to be open minded to others opinions. Obviously there are things that are off the table for both parties and they will not compromise on them. What needs to be found is some kind of middle ground. Neither side will ever accept the others entire proposal so it is pointless to continually try and get them to vote your way. The base of all this is the degradation of civil discourse in American politics. Politicians show almost no respect to one another. If the discourse in politics was changed then much more would get done if people merely showed each other the respect that is due to them as fellow human beings. If officials would stop pinning the opposition as someone who is trying to destroy America then there would be progress. I feel in my heart that no member of Congress, or any politician, wants to destroy America, I feel that they all want what is best for this country, they just want to go about it in a different way or they have a different idea of what “best” is. Attacking a person’s character and refusing to hear what they have to say will not solve anything and we will continue in this gridlock. 

Just Go Away Romney

by Frank Heleniak

Widener University American Government Student

Before the election Mitt Romney was “the man,” “America’s comeback team,” and the next president. The GOP suddenly and blindly stood behind their candidate as the answer to the Obama question. Well now they just want him to go away. Post-Election sounds like the primaries all over again. Republican strategists will liken Romney to that of McCain who never established a strong foothold in the party and not seen by Republicans as one of their own. So why did those who did vote Romney ever vote for him in the first place?

Maybe 2012 wasn’t much unlike 2008. Another lame duck candidate? Or that the GOP is at fault and is too extreme and needs to change? Honestly, I think the real issue might be the general Republicans. It’s fair to say the Rs threw away the election in 2008. So 2012 could have been different, instead we allowed the candidates to destroy each other giving fuel for the Democrats. I’m sure some of the moderates like myself even hated the idea of voting for Romney then come election time offered our full support. That’s why it’ll be so easy to forget this election and Romney. Does the GOP need to rethink strategy and campaigning? Sure. But without regular Republicans demanding more from the party itself, the presidency is going to stay blue.