99% Voting For…Romney?

by Craig Ricks

Widener University Political Science Minor

So I was cruising through Facebook earlier this week, and I noticed a status update from one of my good friends.  It read, “I don’t understand how we have this whole argument over the 99% vs. the 1%, and then people go and vote for Mitt Romney.”  On the surface, many people will say that the Occupy protestors are a bunch of bums, losers, and people unwilling to work for their pay.  Those who disagree with my friend’s status would say that those protestors are mostly liberal, so the “99% vs. 1%” argument wouldn’t have any effect on the Republican primaries.  But I have a different theory.  While only a small populous is actually protesting, their message is in the minds of millions of Americans, Republican and Democrat alike.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more conservative, and while I wouldn’t quit my job or school to protest, I understand their message.

I agree with my friend.  Many of the people voting for Romney are doing so blindly.  A reply to his status said, “because he is electable.”  Is that what we vote on now?  We vote on who can say the right thing instead of who will do the right thing.  Our minds are swayed by the media who should win the election.  Instead of listening to what everyone else tells us, we need to vote based on principle.  Sure Romney is electable, but does he really stand for the 99%?  We’re tired of millionaires and billionaires paying lower tax rates.  I’m not saying that they aren’t paying their “fair share,” but something needs to be done.  The way our entire system is set up allows for those at the top to keep rising, and it’s harder and harder for the 99% to make ends meet.  We need someone who’s going to step in and stand up for the entire country, not just a select few.  Until we start voting on principle, nothing in this country is going to significantly change.


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