Gas, Oil, and Energy

By Andrea Stickley
Widener University Political Science Student

With President Obama blazing a campaign trail across the country, and the race between Romney and Gingrich boiling up, a new topic has become the focus of speeches. For awhile now, debate has arisen concerning the possible expansion of the Canadian Pipeline, Keystone. President Obama has refused to expand the pipeline down through America, while Gingrich has adamently stated that that would be one of the first legislation on his agenda if elected. President Obama has instead been talking about leasing out options for more drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Something about these two scenarios don’t add up.

Has President Obama not learned from past mistakes that drilling in the Gulf has severe consequences? The damages suffered after the April 2010 BP Oil spill is still affecting fishing industries and the people living by the Gulf of Mexico. Since this is the case, why is President Obama contemplating the idea of setting us up for another oil disaster. Oil spills have consequences far reaching than just the initial clean up. It impacts people for years and makes the economy suffer.

The Keystone Pipeline idea isn’t any better. Expanding that pipeline down through central United States would cause problems for aquifers in that section of the country and the water that they supply to people. It also causes destruction to the environment which is never a benefit. Yes, it would create many jobs and boost the economy, but at what cost to the environment and people living in those areas?

I don’t know if these nominees have forgotten, but this is the 21st century. It’s the era where we’re supposed to be concern about the environment and start using sustainable resources. We’re not supposed to continue relying on the old sources of oil because it’s not going to last forever and the impacts it has on the environment isn’t positive. So, why then have these issues about oil become a focus in campaigns if soon enough we’re going to have to find other sources of energy?


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