Threes a Charm

by John MacIntyre

Widener University Political Science Major

Buddy Roemer dropped his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination back in February to try a run for the Americans Elect and the Reform Party.  Alexis Levinson from the Daily Caller reported in “Roemer leaves GOP to seek Americans Elect, Reform Party nominations,” that Roemer jumped ship because of the lack of exposure he received as a possible Republican nominee.  Levinson reported that Buddy is gunning to be awarded the Independent nominee so he can be eligible to debate with Obama and the Republican nominee and quote “Turn this election Upside down”.  Levinson further explained that Buddy’s political strategy is gaining the support of the “plain people” in a promise to only collect “clean money”, free of Super PACs and Super donors.  Levinson concludes that Roemer’s goal is to gather the independent political parties in an attempt to create a legitimate coalition of votes to become a larger voice.

My thoughts on this article are very positive, third party politics are unfortunately cast aside to make way for the interests of the Republican and Democrat parties.  Republican and Democratic candidates often jockey for the independent voters support.  With the limitation of two political parties voters are forced to choose the extreme of both sides even though their own personal views maybe more moderate in general.  An independent candidate would afford those fence sitters with a candidate who effectively represents moderate/bipartisan views accurately and can debate this platform against the dual party system that is in place.  The 2012 Presidential debate will also take an unconventional turn, with the addition of a third party candidate.  Candidates will be forced to debate with two other candidates and be unable to ignore third party platform politics.  A third party candidate has an uphill battle in the 2012 Presidential none the less, but the addition of Buddy Roemer will create competition that will produce transparency and the best product available for the American citizens.


4 thoughts on “Threes a Charm

  1. Buddy Roemer is the best talker in the presidential election campaign. When I heard him speak I was impressed and became a supporter and donated to his campaign. When he switched to Americans Elect after receiving a pathetic 4/10 of 1% vote in the New Hampshire primary, however, I started to do research about him. He is not the wonderful candidate that he appears to be.

    He has adopted a technique often used by political demagogues. He relies on the dissatisfaction of the American public toward politicians. In essence, his strategy is to attack everyone in politics and the whole system and then have the public presume that he will be able to fix it. He condemns politics and all other leading politicians in order to present himself as someone different — an honest politician.

    The trick Mr. Roemer uses is to attack the system for its obvious and undoubted deficits. That is like betting the sun will rise tomorrow. He can’t lose. (See the 1987 NY Times article about Buddy, cited below, where he says he uses his poker technique in politics). He claims the system is corrupt and all other politicians are corrupted. Almost everyone likes what he says. He is betting on the hope they will think that voting for him will fix it.

    The real question is not whether there should be campaign finance reform, as Buddy harangues with convincing ferocity. The question is whether Buddy is the man who can and will fix it. To answer that question, we need to look at his history to learn if he really was as good a congressman and governor as he claims.

    Many people accept everything Buddy says about himself as true (as I did). That is a dangerous assumption when dealing with a politician. Let’s look at the record.

    Roemer just says he is an honest politician who cannot be bought. His actions speak with greater honesty than his words. He is seeking the nomination of Americans Elect because he wants to be bought. AE is a secret organization controlled by unknown big money donors who have an agenda. We do not know who they are or what agenda they intend. They have the control of the Americans Elect from behind the curtain. They can override the public internet “supporters.” They may also control the counting and the reporting of the AE vote. This appears to be a set-up job with Roemer’s mentor Lessig on the Board. Go to and look at their articles on Americans Elect.

    Roemer talks against corruption and argues for transparency, then seeks the AE nomination, effectively using AE’s $20 – $30 million financed by unknown donors to launch his campaign. He limits contributions to $100 because he does not need it. AE will provide the funds.

    Roemer did the same thing in the past. In 1991 he was such a bad governor that he could not hope to be re-elected as a Democrat, so he cut a deal with the Republican party to switch to Republican if they would finance his campaign. See this history:

    In 1987 he won election because he could mesmerize the crowd with his preacher-like talk condemning corrupt politics. But once elected, he did not have a clue how to govern. His personality is that of a loner, a curmudgeon, damning the world with such passion and skill using his “Buddy Talk.” See this fascinating history as to how he struggled to try to figure out what to do as governor.

    Click to access Ballad.pdf

    He turned out to be one of the worst governors in Louisiana history. He could not get along with people. He could not put together a competent staff. He lacked the political common sense and ability to pass legislation. He did not work hard and seemed to love the adoration of his campaign followers but had no ability to govern. To see Buddy’s ineffective record as governor and congressman look at this excellent history of Louisiana’s governors, pages 259-268:,%22+Roemer&source=bl&ots=GXt38E_jVv&sig=poXJMn9QbCUESjDIP2-foOb3YLY&hl=en&sa=X&ei=n-xjT7CXDOORiQL8n_SiDw&ved=0CGMQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=%22Often%20wrong%2C%20but%20never%20in%20doubt%22%20Roemer&f=false

    As a congressman he was inept. He chaired no committees and did not author any significant legislation. His only accomplishment in Congress was that he won money at poker. Yes, he was a convincing bluffer.
    A NY Times article from 1987 describes Mr. Roemer’s record in his eight years in Congress.

    Mr. Roemer plans to use his same technique again if he returns to Washington as President. Note his statement in this article, the fourth paragraph from the end, beginning with “If elected,”:
    He says he “would emphasize listening and working in a bipartisan way, through poker games.” Incredible!

    Most of the things Buddy says about his past are false. See this web page where he obtained a reputation in Louisiana for mendacity (that continues to today).

    A PPP poll of Louisiana voters, just released, shows that here in his own home state he has the worst rating of any candidate for president. Two out of three of the people who know him best have an unfavorable opinion of him. (28% favorable, 56% unfavorable). He is Louisiana’s UNfavorite son. See

    Americans have been deceived by slick politicians in the past. Let’s try to investigate what candidates have done rather than gullibly accept what they say. Buddy Roemer will not withstand that scrutiny

  2. Thanks for your analysis, highlighting the nation’s first online presidential primary and the candidacy of Buddy Roemer. The two major parties have had our nation stuck in neutral for too long and the time has come to put aside the partisanship ourselves rather than simply believe that our leaders will do it because that is what we prefer. Roemer is right. Their primary allegiance is to their large donors, not the voters. And this unique candidate unites both Tea Party and Occupy movements with his common target: getting the money out of the way so that we can have the changes we might want on both the left and the right. As it stands, the legislative agenda of the nation is clogged up with special interest legislation and we end up the victims of our own government.

    We have to do something different this time.

    Americans Elect is a unique opportunity for us to regain control of our government and Buddy Roemer is the right man for the job.

    Sign up on Americans Elect today and click your support for Buddy Roemer because the online primary is going on RIGHT NOW!

  3. This guy “Nobody Asked Me…But” keeps posting these same tired old lies about Buddy Roemer all over the internet, as if copying and pasting this everywhere makes it truer. LOL

    Google his dopey username for yourself and see what he’s been up to.

    He’s also posting the same garbage using other aliases, because he’s just a liar, a paid political operative who is gathering all the negative-biased reporting he can find into one convenient place to deceive YOU.

    Consider the source and then consider Buddy Roemer by doing your OWN unbiased research.

  4. The other comments here by “Bossier bearcat” and “Say Amen” are both made by Buddy Roemer himself or his campaign in order to try to discredit me and others who have posted comments critical of Mr. Roemer.

    If you will click on their posted names, you will be redirected to the Roemer web page at Americans Elect. I do not know how they do that, and I have not seen it done by anyone else.

    The Roemer tactic of forging the names of anyone who criticizes him and then posting false comments under the forged name to discredit the actual user of that name is another manifestation of Roemer’s lack of character and hypocrisy regarding moral values. Notice that the comment here criticizing Roemer was based upon valid independent histories contained in non-fiction scholarly books or internet articles by people from Louisiana who personally know Mr. Roemer and have felt it necessary to warn others of his incompetency and mendacity. The comments supporting Mr. Roemer, in contrast, simply repeat what Mr. Roemer falsely claims, with no supporting independent verification.

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