Threes a Charm

by John MacIntyre

Widener University Political Science Major

Buddy Roemer dropped his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination back in February to try a run for the Americans Elect and the Reform Party.  Alexis Levinson from the Daily Caller reported in “Roemer leaves GOP to seek Americans Elect, Reform Party nominations,” that Roemer jumped ship because of the lack of exposure he received as a possible Republican nominee.  Levinson reported that Buddy is gunning to be awarded the Independent nominee so he can be eligible to debate with Obama and the Republican nominee and quote “Turn this election Upside down”.  Levinson further explained that Buddy’s political strategy is gaining the support of the “plain people” in a promise to only collect “clean money”, free of Super PACs and Super donors.  Levinson concludes that Roemer’s goal is to gather the independent political parties in an attempt to create a legitimate coalition of votes to become a larger voice.

My thoughts on this article are very positive, third party politics are unfortunately cast aside to make way for the interests of the Republican and Democrat parties.  Republican and Democratic candidates often jockey for the independent voters support.  With the limitation of two political parties voters are forced to choose the extreme of both sides even though their own personal views maybe more moderate in general.  An independent candidate would afford those fence sitters with a candidate who effectively represents moderate/bipartisan views accurately and can debate this platform against the dual party system that is in place.  The 2012 Presidential debate will also take an unconventional turn, with the addition of a third party candidate.  Candidates will be forced to debate with two other candidates and be unable to ignore third party platform politics.  A third party candidate has an uphill battle in the 2012 Presidential none the less, but the addition of Buddy Roemer will create competition that will produce transparency and the best product available for the American citizens.