The Good in the Bad

by Ty Erb

Widener University American Government Student

Many weeks have passed since the election, and by now everyone knows President Obama is back in office for another four years.  His opponent, Mitt Romney, has nearly been forgotten after the loss.  Even though it was a loss for the Republicans, they search for the positive things that happened during this race.  One thing Romney did well was raise money.  Surprising, Romney matched Obama in the fundraising department and even had more money at his disposal the last two weeks of the race.  For the Republicans to ever think about winning, raising money like Romney did needs to be repeated.  Another positive aspect of Romney’s campaign was his debating techniques versus President Obama.  Romney held his own against the President and at time even defeated the President during their several debates.  It is necessary for the next Republican candidate to have strong debating qualities, similar to Romney’s.  The final aspects Romney achieved in was the economy voters.  Exit polls revealed about 6 out of 10 voters said the economy was the major issue in the United States.  Out of the voters Romney received 51% of their votes to Obama’s 47%.  Overall, Romney had positive aspects to his campaign but there was also negative.  For the Republicans to win the next race, the candidate needs to do the things Romney did well but also appeal to a larger voting group, mainly the minorities in America.


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