Laying Out the Case for the Electoral College

by Michael Acciavatti

Widener University Political Science Major

I believe the electoral college should be retained for various reasons. First the system is a balance between two alternate systems. One where Congress chooses the president which goes against all the stances of separation of power, and two where the president is elected by a full popular vote.

I’d like to highlight a few reasons why change would not work and why our current system is best. First to win a candidate needs to win multiple majorities in various states which is very important. Secondly, if the election were fully popular vote then campaigns would focus on large metropolitan and population centers rather than the entire country as it should be. Also to change the Constitution it would take a 3/4 state majority, and you would need to change the Constitution in order to change the election process. Finally for practical purposes state-wide recounts are much simpler than a national one which could take so long it would hurt America’s image.


One thought on “Laying Out the Case for the Electoral College

  1. I agree that the vote should be based off of majority. If the majority want a certain president, it obviously means more US citizens think that person could do a better job than the others running. The electoral vote does not guarantee that the majority of the US population get who they vote for.

    Zach Martinez

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