In Pennsylvania: Environment and Business= Teamwork

by Lauren Angelucci

Widener University Environmental Politics and Policy Student

Pennsylvania waterfronts are getting a big confidence boost due to recent proposed tax credits for development nonprofits. The Riverlife Task Force has laid plans to revitalize the shorelines in PA. Results have shown that the $130 million in investments that have gone toward the river fronts has now resulted in $4 billon in adjacent development to the community around the river fronts. The development went towards sports complexes, office buildings, hotels, and even residents. Overall, this means that for every dollar invested to the riverfront projects their has been $30 put towards investment adjustment to the rivers. Legislators are trying to spread this statewide hoping that a $10 million tax credit for developers who donate to Riverlife and other like-force’s will encourage involvement. Though Pennsylvania will take a blow to their yearly revenue it is said that the credits will bring value to the towns and areas the river fronts are in.

The state and business merge in the benefit of the community is the great way to show support statewide. Pennsylvania is a state with a bundle of resources, and preserving them and up keeping them is so important. When business is thriving they are always going to be willing to give back especially if it is benefiting them in a positive light. Even if it takes a little bit of a “blow” to the states revenue, it is taking one factor, and helping two in return. Businesses are given an initiative, and in return the river fronts thrive, and the community thrives. It would be great if this went statewide because then not only one area would be of focus, but thousands of more Pennsylvania businesses would thrive as well. Sometimes the environment is not on the radar of people who have other things going on, so these are the kind of things that need give people who have the funds to support these Task Force’s, the extra push to want to give back and help their environment that surrounds their community.


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