New Solar Solutions for American Communities

by Aubrey Dangelo

Widener University Political Science Major

A new non-profit organization is taking the lead in residential solar panel installation in local communities throughout the United States. SmartPower is working to make solar power more affordable for homeowners and to change the marketing techniques used by many solar power companies. It is interesting to see that national organizations are trying to make an impact on solar energy production in light of the recent failure of President Obama’s investment in the solar company Solyndra. When only three percent of people in the United States use some form of solar energy, someone has to take initiative in helping to promote the use of solar energy, and citizens of the United States are not likely to be interested this kind of action coming from the Federal government due to the fact that Obama’s recent activity in this area has not been successful.

SmartPower has praised the efforts of the government of New Jersey for continuing to lead the way with incentives for installations of renewable-energy in residential and commercial buildings. SmartPower ranks New Jersey as the second best state in the nation in terms of homes and businesses with solar panels installed. The Solar Energy Industries Association says that New Jersey also has the most favorable net-metering standards in the country. If non-profit organizations geared towards solar energy production combine with state and local governments, the country could make a lot of progress on the problem of a lack of solar energy use in this country.


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