The Western Black Rhino & the Pennsylvania Legislature

by Sarah Cox

Widener University Political Science Major

The Western Black Rhino was considered critically endangered for many years, and just recently has been declared extinct. Endangered species laws are up for debate and voting in congress, and they seriously need to step their game up. The extinction of the Western Black Rhino should be a warning to show if things do not change, we will lose many more species of animals.

The latest update to the list of Threatened Species has more than 60,000 species. 25 percent of the mammal on the list can be extinct in the near future, there are also various plant species under threat of going extinct as well.

There is a bill that is currently seeking approval for the endangered species protection act. The act will require approval of protection proposals by a state regulatory agency. The president of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, said the legislation promotes “accountability, transparency and uniformity.” It gives “all stakeholders, and the general public, an opportunity to weigh in on proposed regulations,” Barr said.

However, the new bill in fact isn’t looking out for endangered species, but it is the number one priority for Marcellus shale drillers. They will try to rush the bill through congress because for them, time is money.

Marcellus Shale lawyers are pushing this legislation in order to run through most of Pennsylvania without any regard for endangered species of fish, animal or plants. These species are obstacles to their wells, frack pits and pipelines as well. They want these species gone. They are going to show little to no regard for the animal life, as they already do for the communities that are in their way as well.


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