GOP Lawmaker Proposes Abolishing Department of Education

by Darshan Jha

As both the Democrats and Republicans have voiced their opinions on the policies that have been proposed by the Trump Administration, one representative from Kentucky has challenged to abolish the Department of Education. Representative Thomas Massie’s bill isn’t lengthy, but in a single page, the representative proposes to abolish the agency by the end of 2018 on December 31st.  This comes the day after the Vice President had to break the 50-50 tie to confirm Betty DeVous.

As President Reagan once tried to get rid of the agency, he was unsuccessful and many individuals believe that education policies should be left at the local and state level instead of the federal government. This isn’t the first agency that a Republican representative has tried to abolish. Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida is working on a bill that would get rid of the EPA, another agency that wasn’t flavored by President Reagan.

I believe that both of these agencies are needed, but there needs to be reform in education. I believe that we need to become a leader in education and help our youth not be in debt as they come out of college. Local and State government are having a hard time balancing their budgets due to the amount of money that is needed and therefore I think there should be a federal agency to overlook the education system. Another thing that is concerning is asking the State and Local governments to enforce Title IX, which is important for many schools in regards to sports, but also in other areas. I haven’t been able to find any articles to see if the current administration favors abolishing the Education Department, but as of now, the nomination of Secretary DeVos has been historic in many ways.


One thought on “GOP Lawmaker Proposes Abolishing Department of Education

  1. I agree when you state that the department of education is important as it employs federal standards for education of students around the country. To eliminate the department would mena eliminating a way to make sure every student receives a quality education. This does relate back to the idea of federalism and whether states or the federal government should make and enforce these standards for the students, but it relates to the issue of equality, and the future generation in this country. There is also the fact that there is a bill towards the abolishment of the EPA, which we can now see under the Trumps administrations budget will have budget cuts. It will be worth watching what other changes might come up during this time with the current congressional majority.

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