Will Bob Casey Try to Block Trump’s Supreme Court Pick?

By Daniel Garman

Without even reading the article it can be assumed that the answer to “Will Bob Casey Try to Block Trump’s Supreme Court Pick?”, is a yes. Bob Casey has an enormous track record for opposing President Trump. Furthermore, Casey isn’t alone and uses liberals and conservatives in many fights to increase numbers and effectiveness. However, Casey seems to be in a dilemma of political views. Not only has Casey been recently unavailable for interviews and questions, but the majority of the state he represents, Pennsylvania, nominated for President Trump. Now when looking at this frankly, the whole debate of the seat is to allow democrats a way of blocking President Trump. As stated in the article, “They are still seething over Trump’s victory…”. This being the case, Casey has a very big decision to make soon as he could potentially be the difference in Gorsuch being nominated or denied. Currently, in my opinion, it is unclear which way Casey will lean; however, the article suggests that he is leaning towards supporting the state he represents. What could be the potential consequences be of Casey’s decision to either support Pennsylvania and Gorsuch or his own democratic party?


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