PA Clean Transportation Infrastructure Bill Approved By House Committee

by Nadirah Wilson

On March 12th, the PA Clean Transportation Infrastructure Bill was approved by the House Committee. Under this bill establishment; “House Bill 1446”, there will be more encouragement and support on infrastructure for electric and natural gas fueled vehicles. Pennsylvania will create a state goal of expanding our electric transportation usage by at least 50 percent over baseline forecasts by 2030. Also, the state will direct the development of regional transportation plans so Pennsylvanians will be able to continue to live, and work all the while transitioning to electric. The requirements includes utilities to submit infrastructure investment proposals based on the regional frameworks that help cost-effectively build out backbone charging infrastructure that meets their local needs. In the proposal they must complete a statewide interstate and turnpike fast electronic natural gas refueling networks, and create opportunities to increase the exportation of natural gas vehicles to support fleets and other high-value uses. The main sponsor of the bill, Representative Marguerite Quinn stated that electric powered cars are becoming more affordable for both business and personal use. Although electric powered cars are on the rise, people have been reluctant on consuming these products because of the lack of charging and refueling stations. Fortunately, with the new legislation and passing of the new bill there will be more stations available in the future. This new legislation is very beneficial to the economy and the environment, because alternative fuel vehicles provides a great opportunity to obtain a clean environment. Pennsylvania will be a leader in adopting these new technologies, succeeding in environmental friendliness.


9 thoughts on “PA Clean Transportation Infrastructure Bill Approved By House Committee

  1. Alternative fuel vehicles provide great opportunities to benefit the economy and the environment so I think that it is great that Pennsylvania is taking the next step by drafting this bill on clean transportation. PA is one of the few states in the US that actually has environmental promises laid out in their State Constitution so I agree that Pennsylvania will serve as a leader and hopefully push other states to taking the same action. Due to the inconveniences with the charging and refueling stations, most of the public is hesitant to make this change in their lives. Hopefully with this bill drafted and more available charging and refueling stations made open to the public funded by the legislation, the idea of clean transportation will become more attractive to members of society. I hope that PA’s goal of expanding electric transportation by 50% by 2030 can be an achievable goal because of the change it will make. However, I do not think the transition over to electrical cars will even begin until all of the implications listed in the bill are publicly changed and acknowledged.

  2. I think this is great thing for the environment simply because this bill will allow for new vehicles that do not emit harmful toxins. I agree with Danielle that Pennsylvania will be a leader for this new bill because it will be seen in a positive light that the state is making an effort to become a more sustainable environment. Hopefully we will see more provisions like this in other states within the near future.

  3. This proposal for transitioning to electric and natural gas-fueled vehicles seems like the step in the right direction, however, I can not imagine that this will be a seamless transition without opposition from big oil as well as landowners who stand in the way between this transition and reform. While I am agreeing that natural gas and electric is the next step to a future for our energy, I am stating that it will be difficult to achieve. The passing of the bill was a large step though because this is legislatures admitting that something must be done as well as them stepping up to the plate to take action on an issue that is pressing and only getting more controversial by the second.

  4. Because self driving cars will soon be much more common, there will be benefits other than environmental ones to this policy. A large amount of charging stations in the state will make it favorable for companies to have large fleets of self driving cars in this state, and this new market will be very beneficial to the state’s economy in the long term.

  5. I don’t think the problem is electric vehicle infrastructure. Rather the issue is in how we generate electricity. What sense is it to replace one highly pollutant mode of transportation with another. Besides the emissions of power production, the minerals used in batteries for these vehicles uses a devastating form of mining for extraction. Because of these issues I fail to see the value in self driving cars.

  6. The fact that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is moving to improve its infrastructure to further accommodate electric and natural gas vehicles is a step in the right direction. One part that stuck out to me is the potential increase of charging stations on state highways.

    Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike, for example. This highway has as average peak of about 120,000 vehicles daily. An increase of charging stations on this highway would replace a significant amount of those vehicles with electric vehicles, reducing motor vehicles toxins and creating less harm for the environment.

    I am eager to see what steps the Commonwealth will take after passing this infrastructure bill.

  7. I agree with OD about the highway situation, however, I like that PA is moving in a greener direction as long as it respects the individual rights/liberties of private landowners or individuals that simply do not want to change.

    I wish that this focused more on green or renewable energy sources, like replacing highway surfaces with solar paneled grids and not just switching from one bad energy source to a lesser-bad energy source.

    I am not sure if we have advanced enough affordable technology to make the ‘green switch’ on a large scale without a ton of funding…

  8. I think that overall the bill is a good idea because it will make Pennsylvania a clearer state. Like stated in the article it explains how more people will be interested in getting fuel efficient cars because there will be more charging stations. I find this statement to be untrue because as human beings I think were selfish and greedy and although the technology is there I think that we will still choose the fancy gas powered cars. if people have the choice and have the money to buy these cars then they are going to choose them. The car industry is also very powerful and will not allow the government to technically shut down the industry. I think the bill is great on paper, I just do not see it working in practice. I do not believe that in 10 years Pennsylvania residents will have electric or natural gas fueled cars, I just find that unrealistic.

  9. I think that it is great that we are trying to make changes for the better. Although I am worried about whether or not this will truly help the environment because of how green washed the electric vehicle industry is. We need to accept the fact that the we power these vehicles with the same fossil fuels just processed differently. I would prefer if PA focused more on alternative energy. I do think that this is a great change for us, and a step in the right direction, but I just am concerned about whether or not this becomes a patch rather than a solution to the problem.

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