PA’s Constitutional Amendment on the Environment Gets Some Recognition

This article by Donna Morelli outlines how two recent court cases in Pennsylvania have bolstered the strength of environmental rights in the Commonwealth.

She argues that

twice in the last four years, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has rendered decisions putting teeth in the environmental rights amendment — first, in a lawsuit over whether communities have the power to bar hydraulic fracturing and, later, over how the legislature is spending revenue derived from leasing state forestland for “fracking,” as the controversial natural gas extraction method is known.

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One thought on “PA’s Constitutional Amendment on the Environment Gets Some Recognition

  1. These two decisions that were heard by the Supreme Court definitely strengthen environmental policy and are a step in the right direction to solve the issues of clean air, water and natural reserves. PA has 19,000 streams that have been affected one way or another from actions such as fracking and 5,500 of these rivers have been affected from the coal industry. With the current presidency in charge it is very difficult for environmental groups to get the proper funding that they need. Luckily though, these two court decisions have set a precedent by giving more power to the people and have helped in creating a safer environment. The two decisions make sure that natural lands reserved by the state can not be fracked on, which is great for the preservation of our wildlife. I feel that fracking is still a major issue is the state and this is due in part to the leniency of the environmental laws in PA. With the current administration I do not feel much progress will be made related to these issues because federal spending has subsided from previous years.

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